Mozart Cycle Path - Stage 01: Salzburg-Unzing (near Eugendorf)

length: 18,7 km
start: Salzburg / Mozartplatz
finish: Unzing (near Eugendorf)

From the City of Mozart to Unzing (near Eugendorf). An ideal introduction to the Mozart cycle path which does here, in the main, follow the former Ischlerbahn railway line – we can therefore promise you just a gentle climb!

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 20: Inzell – Kössen (Variant, Part 3)

length: 38,3 km
start: Inzell
finish: Kössen

At this stage, we start from Inzell towards Reit im Winkl. We then cycle between the mountains to Ruhpolding. Past the Chiemgau Arena, which has since developed to become an Olympic base, we then arrive at the mountain lakes of Lödensee, Mittersee and Weitsee. We cycle on to Seegatterl and Reit im Winkl. Now it is not much further to Kössen, this stage’s destination.

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 02: Unzing (near Eugendorf) - St. Lorenz / Detour, Part 1

length: 16,8 km
start: Unzing (near Eugendorf)
finish: St. Lorenz

The first part of the detour into the Mozart village of St. Gilgen takes cyclists to Lake Mondsee via Thalgau. The landscape against the backdrop of the Drachenwand to the south is particularly impressive!

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 03: St. Lorenz - St. Gilgen / Detour, Part 2

length: 10,5 km
start: St. Lorenz
finish: St. Gilgen

The second part of the detour into the Mozart village of St. Gilgen leads from St. Lorenz to Lake Wolfgangsee. The first lake stage! There is the Scharflinger Höhe mountain pass to master between Lake Mondsee and Lake Wolfgangsee, too!

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 04: Unzing (near Eugendorf) - Köstendorf

length: 17,4 km
start: Unzing (near Eugendorf)
finish: Köstendorf

The first stage through the Salzburg lakeland leads from Eugendorf to Henndorf, Neumarkt am Wallersee and Köstendorf. The constantly-changing views and insights into the idyllic landscape ensure that there is always something to see and enjoy.

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 05: Köstendorf - Laufen

length: 40,5 km
start: Köstendorf
finish: Laufen

On the way to the Austrian-Bavarian Salzach river bridge between Oberndorf and Laufen, you will find Mattsee, Seeham and Obertrum am See. The lakes here boast the best water quality! When at your destination in Oberndorf, you will not want to miss taking a detour to the Stille Nacht Kapelle (Silent-Night-Chapel)!

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 06: Laufen – Waging am See

length: 31,2 km
start: Laufen
finish: Waging am See

In the sixth stage, we start at Laufen and go to Lake Waginger See. The first half of the route goes in a southerly direction and offers a wonderful mountain panorama. After half of the stretch, we cycle along the Schönramer Filz, one of Bavaria’s biggest upland moors – it is definitely worth a stop! The last stage leads to Lake Waginger See, Upper Bavaria’s warmest lake.

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 07: Waging am See – Chieming am Chiemsee

length: 21,3 km
start: Waging am See
finish: Chieming am Chiemsee or Stöttham

In this stage, we go from Waging am See, where Mozart recovered after having been dismissed from the service of the Prince Archbishop, to Lake Chiemsee. This lake-to-lake stage runs past imposing forests and through little villages. Once in Chieming, on the eastern bank of Lake Chiemsee, you can admire the sunset from the lakeside promenade.

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 08: Chieming am Chiemsee - Breitbrunn am Chiemsee

length: 15,9 km
start: Chieming am Chiemsee
finish: Breitbrunn am Chiemsee

From Chieming, the path runs straight along Lake Chiemsee in a northern direction. Once in Seeon‑Seebruck, the stunning views of Lake Chiemsee and the Chiemgau alpine mountain range can be enjoyed. We then continue to the Kloster Seeon Monastery in which Mozart spent a great deal of time as a child. On the last stage, we return to Lake Chiemsee to Breitbrunn am Chiemsee.

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 09: Breitbrunn am Chiemsee – Wasserburg am Inn

length: 36,6 km
start: Breitbrunn am Chiemsee
finish: Wasserburg am Inn

This stage leads away from Chiemsee in a northerly direction towards Wasserburg, past Bavaria’s oldest nature protected area, the Eggstätt Hemhofer Seenplatte, the picturesque Amerang with its unusual museums, to Wasserburg am Inn  with its impressive island location and historic city centre.

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 10: Wasserburg am Inn – Rosenheim am Inn

length: 28,9 km
start: Wasserburg am Inn
finish: Rosenheim am Inn

The Mozart cycle path mainly runs along the Inn river between Wasserburg am Inn and Rosenheim. Going past the Kloster Altenhohenau Monastery which is well worth seeing due to the fine rococo, we reach Rosenheim which, as a former salt trading city, impresses with its Mediterranean flair and the multitude of museums, galleries and gastronomic highlights.

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 11: Rosenheim am Inn – Niederndorf

length: 29,5 km
start: Rosenheim am Inn
finish: Niederndorf

From Rosenheim, we go along the Inn river and Mount Wendelstein towards Austria. On the way, we not only pass Neubeuern with its beautiful market place, but we can also take the rack and pinion railway from Brannenburg to Mount Wendelstein and try out the forest high-wire garden and summer toboggan run in Oberaudorf. Right before Oberaudorf, we cross the Inn to Austria and reach Niederndorf, the end of the stage.

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 12: Niederndorf – Kössen

length: 20,1 km
start: Niederndorf
finish: Kössen

A short but varied stage in the Tyrolean section of the Mozart cycle path. From the Inntal valley, we go up into the Tyrolean Kaiserwinkl as far as Kössen. A longer break by the idyllic Lake Walchsee should definitely be planned in.

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 13: Kössen – Lofer

length: 50,2 km
start: Kössen
finish: Lofer

At an altitude of almost 600 metres, this is the most ‘mountainous’ stage of the entire Mozart cycle path. The appeal of this charming landscape of the Kohlen valley and later the Strub valley is therefore even greater for us. In the Achental valley, it is worth considering taking a detour to St. Johann in Tirol. The last part leads through the Strubtal valley, wildly romantic to Lofer and thus back into the Salzburger Land.

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 14: Lofer – Bad Reichenhall

length: 25,7 km
start: Lofer
finish: Bad Reichenhall

An easy stage which also offers very charming landscape through the Saalachtal valley framed by impressive mountains. The cycle path mostly follows the flow of the Saalach river. The stage’s destination is the well-known spa town of Bad Reichenhall.

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 15: Bad Reichenhall – Berchtesgaden

length: 18,8 km
start: Bad Reichenhall
finish: Berchtesgaden

From the spa town of Bad Reichenhall, the 15th stage of the Mozart cycle path leads us via Hallthurm to Berchtesgaden.  

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 16: Berchtesgaden – Salzburg

length: 25,7 km
start: Königliches Schloss, Berchtesgaden
finish: Salzburg

The last and quite possibly the most enjoyable stage of the Mozart cycle path – initially along the turquoise-blue Berchtesgadener Ache river and, at the end, the delightful Hellbrunner Allee with its numerous castles. Make sure not to miss the Salzbergwerk Berchtesgaden salt mine and the trick fountains in Hellbrunn Palace!

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 17: St. Lorenz – Köstendorf (Connecting Route)

length: 31,6 km
start: St. Lorenz
finish: Köstendorf

A more than interesting alternative to the route between St. Lorenz and Köstendorf. Here, the cycle path follows the Salzkammergut cycle path and leads along Lake Mondsee and Lake Irrsee. A highlight is the picturesque market place in front of the well-known Basilika in Mondsee.

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 18: Laufen – Freilassing (Variant, Part 1)

length: 16,3 km
start: Laufen
finish: Freilassing

Stage 18 leads us from the city of Laufen right across the Rupertiwinkel to Freilassing.

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 19: Freilassing – Inzell (Variant, Part 2)

length: 38,8 km
start: Freilassing
finish: Inzell

Starting from Freilassing, we go over gentle hills and past blue lakes and green forests to Teisendorf – we then continue on towards the alpine foothills Chiemgauer Voralpen. After the partial circumnavigation of Teisenberg we are already in Inzell where it is worth visiting the famous Max-Aicher Arena, the speed-skating arena with the fastest ice in the world!

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Mozart Cycle Path – Stage 21: Bad Reichenhall – Salzburg

length: 22,3 km
start: Bad Reichenhall
finish: Salzburg

Variant of the Mozart cycle path via the Tauernradweg for the direct connection from Bad Reichenhall to Salzburg.

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Mozart Cycle Path – The Complete Course

length: 444,9 km
start: Salzburg. It is also possible to enter the tour or circuit at other points.
finish: Salzburg

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart left numerous traces in and around Salzburg. The Mozart Cycle Path connects a mosaic of historically-proven ‘Mozart Points’ with each other. This border-crossing cycle path leads cyclists through some of the most breathtaking lake landscapes in the whole of Salzburg and Bavaria.

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